All your content ideas and feedback in one place

Keep track of both your ideas and viewer suggestions, show off what you're working on, and easily get feedback from your audience.

For you

A useful dashboard

Organize your ideas and update their status, review incoming suggestions from your audience, and see basic analytics for your profile page.

Hidden by default.
All incoming suggestions are hidden from your public profile at first. You can select the ones you want to track, and discard the ones you don't.
Track your progress.
Move your suggestions through different statuses like planning or recording, and mark them as finished when you're all done.
Product screenshot

For your audience

A slick profile

Your audience can see all your current projects and future ideas in one place, vote on the ones they're excited about, and make suggestions for new content.

Choose your theme.
Spice up your profile with six different backgrounds, and choose between a light or dark color scheme.
Anonymous or not.
You can choose to accept suggestions and votes from anyone, or only people who are signed in to the app (the default).
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Get started for free

Your unique profile is all yours, free of charge. If you'd like access to more features, a pro plan is currently in the works and available soon.

Basic — 100% free

No limits on the amount of ideas or suggestions, plus basic themes and stats.

What’s included

  • Unlimited ideas
  • Email notifications
  • Page themes
  • Basic analytics

Pro — $15/mo

More advanced features like a custom domain and detailed analytics. Coming soon.

What’ll be included

  • Custom domain
  • Multiple boards
  • Advanced analytics
  • Theme customization

Frequently asked questions

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Why would I need this?

As a content creator, it can be hard to manage all of your ideas and in-progress work. With Suggest, you're able to do that and get feedback from your audience to help determine the best content for your viewers.

What ideas should I add to this?

Anything you want! You can restrict it to only ideas that are in-progress, or add in your entire backlog of ideas and let your visitors decide what sounds best.

How can I get suggestions from other people?

Share your profile. Link to your unique URL on social media sites, include it in newsletter posts, or make a callout for idea suggestions directly in your content.

My username is taken, what can I do?

That's unfortunate. If you can't use a different one or you feel that someone took your name to impersonate your brand, send us an email and we'll try to help out.

Can I import ideas from another app?

Not yet, but if that's something you'd like to see please let us know! Send an email with the app you'd want to import ideas from.

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